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eGo and CE4 Clearomizer Instruction Manual

eGo and CE4 Clearomizer Instruction Manual

For safe and effective use of eGo (CE4), please read through the following information carefully before using and follow the standard operating procedures strictly.

Instructions for First Time Use:

Remove an eGo battery from your box, screw into the charger lead, connect the lead to the adaptor plug and charge for the first time for eight hours. The light on the charging lead will at first be red. It will turn green when it is fully charged on a normal charge. Even when the light turns green on the first battery charge, wait the eight recommended hours to gain the best future performance of the eGo battery life. The subsequent charges of each battery will take considerably less time to charge.

Battery can be turned on/off by rapidly pressing the button 5 times. Your eGo (CE4) will light up when the power is on. Please note batteries can also be charged using a USB port.

Do not use the charger in damp areas. Do not charge the power supply near a high temp heat source. Do not weld or pierce the power supply. If the power supply is found to be emitting any odor or heat or be discolored or deformed or have any abnormality during charging, please remove the power supply from the eGo or charger or suspend the use of it. The eGo charger can only be used with eGo dedicated power supply. Do not try to use this charger with other kinds of power supply.

Please keep the eGo components, accessories, and tank atomizer from the reach of children or animals.

Power Supply Replacement:

The battery requires to be charged when the eGo Electronic Cigarette produces no more vapor. Unscrew the power supply from the kit and screw a fully charged one on to continue vaporizing.

Power Supply:

Input voltage of the USB home charger is AC 100VĖ240V 50/60 HZ. The input voltage of the USB car charger is DC 12V-24V. The input voltage of the USB battery charger is 5V.500mAh and the output voltage is 4.2v 420mAh. Pay attention to the value of the local voltage to be in accordance with that of the eGo (CE4) charger. The eGo-(CE4) power supply has about 300 times charging cycle. After more than 300 charging cycles, their functioning span lessens significantly. This may be time for a new battery.

Filling Your CE4 Clearomizer:

Take out your bottle with needle, unscrew the top and fill with e-juice. Replace the cap on the needle. Take out a CE4 and unscrew the nozzle. Pierce the e-liquid at the edge. Do not allow liquid into the metal tube in the center. Fill the tank not less than 0.8 ml but not more than 1.6 ml. Level your eGo (CE4) and wait one minute.

Using Your eGo (CE4):

Screw the filled CE4 Clearomizer onto your eGo 900mAh battery or eGo 1300mAh battery (donít over tighten). Keep your finger on the button while inhaling the vapor. Release the button when you remove the eGo (CE4) from your lips. Pressing the button too often when not inhaling could damage the eGo (CE4) unit. Do not use the CE4 Clearomizer in a vertical position since e liquid could leak out. Push the manual button for no longer than 5 seconds to avoid overheating the atomizer. In case of eGo (CE4) vaporizing continuously or showing any sign of overheating, stop the usage, wait about 10 seconds before starting use again.

Happy vaping!


The eGo(CE4) should be maintained regularly. Do not let the CE4 Clearomizer run completely dry before refilling with ejuice. Clean the screw threads of the different parts such as the CE4, chargers and power supply with a tissue dipped in purified un-perfumed alcohol. Clean screw threads will provide better electronic conduction. Blow into the CE4 once and a while to evacuate left over liquid. When the vapor diminishes significantly, the eGo battery needs to be charged.

eGo (CE4) Replacement:

During the use of this unit, if the battery is fully charged but the vapor is found to be significantly reduced, it indicates that the CE4 clearomizer may need to be replaced. Unscrew the CE4 from the battery and replace with the newly filed CE4.


eGo CE4 does not cause harm to surrounding environment or people. We recommend however out of courtesy, to ask for permission to use your eGo electronic cigarette in public places beforehand.

Caution: We do not accept any warranty or indemnity claims in case of misuse. We recommend that using other cartridges or liquids other than what eGo recommends may cause damage to the CE4 unit which may be beyond repair. Please dispose of the old power supply in your local power supply recycling collection point.